iSpy Box

iSpy Box


The I Spy box allows children to challenge themselves. Children can search the box and try to find the ten hidden treasures! An activity that can be used by one child or multiple, all contained in one bin. 


An activity that can be played again and again. 


Learning outcomes:

Emotional: Healthy competition, Creativity, Cooperation skills, Social skills, Learning to play by themselves or with others, Sense of accomplishment, Boost self esteem


Physical: Gross motor, Fine motor, Hand and arm strength, Hand-eye- coordination, Muscle control,Balance 


Cognitive: Learning to search and find, Strengthen working memory, Develops attention span, Enhance visual discrimination


What to do: 






Use the magnifying glass to help you find

Use the tweezers to help you grab


This box helps your child to develop their search and find skills, enhance visual discrimination, and give them a sense of accomplishment.


Designed for ages 3 and up

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